Bhavan’s Kindergarten wing celebrated Green Colour Day on 15th May 2023 in an instructive way where the children learnt about the importance of green colour and the positive effects it has on our lives. Attractive charts and drawings were displayed on the bulletin boards depicting the green colour at its best. Bubbling with enthusiasm in their astonishing green costumes the little ones created a pleasant, harmonious and refreshing aura.

The highlight of this green day is to celebrate mother’s Day were our tiny tots made a beautiful flower pot with their little hand print cutouts which was the gift to their mother. As a group activity our little rock stars made beautiful green caterpillars using balloon dapping.

The shades of green filled the air with freshness, thrill, ecstasy and bliss. It also prompted them to think how green colour energizes and revitalizes our lives. It was indeed an invigorating, reviving and rejuvenating experience….!!