The thrill of being back at school was clearly visible among children and our tiny tots were overjoyed with their  school activities. BHAVANS PUBLIC SCHOOL, DOHA QATAR conducted Palm print for LKG and Thumb print for UKG on 29th December 2022.

The tiny tots of LKG are exposed to activities that ensure continuous process of development. “Tracing hand –  peacock activity” helped them to make colourful peacocks with the help of their palms. Each finger represents a tail feather. The teacher directed the children to colour the feathers and other body parts. Children during this time learnt under the guidance of teachers to experiment many other new aspects of colouring. These kind of activities are fun and full of learning.

A ‘Thumb printing activity’ was conducted for UKG. This activity is a wonderful sensory experience for children. It strengthens their hand and finger muscles, also help to improve eye-hand coordination. Children enjoyed this messy play with their thumb and made impression on images of grape in their scrapbook. All the students enjoyed a lot with this creative activity.