The best to make children good is to make them happy

 BHAVANS PUBLIC SCHOOL, DOHA QATAR conducted Movie Time with Jungle Buddies for LKG and UKG on 16th and 17th November 2022.

People say that in order to evolve intellectually, you need to read books. Sure, the books play a crucial role in education. However, books are not the only source of brain food. Movies are not less instructive and also play a role in our educational formation. We do recognize the positive impact certain categories of movies can have on our children. We understand this well and so from our well-curated collection of movies we decided to have our movie time in our classroom.

As the theme says Movie Time with Jungle Buddies, children watched a wonderful movie named “Jungle Book” and “Ice Age”. Many children dressed up with different animals. We arranged a big screen to show the movie, set up like a theater.
It was an amazing experience for the children to watch a movie along with their friends. Indeed, the giggles and smile of the children is one of most beautiful sound in the world.