Hindi Diwas was celebrated with much zeal and zest at Bhavan’s Public School on 14th September 2022. The day is marked to transmit the importance of Hindi in day to day discourse. It is appealed that Hindi and its variant vernaculars are the third most widely spoken language in the world. So it is inevitable for us to celebrate this day with all its due sanctity. Bhavan’s Public School conducted various academic and co-academic activities among the students to instill an awareness on the importance of this day. Poem recitation, storytelling an extemporic speech competitions were also conducted for the students. The winners and participants were duly appreciated by the Hindi department.  The Principal Mr.Philip applauded the students and teachers for their efforts in materializing this day .Vice Principal, Mr. Dharmraj Kumar made an inspiring speech on Hindi Diwas, highlighting the importance and relevance of the day. Academic coordinators Mrs .Vichitra, Mrs.Brigit,Activity coordinators Mr. Shaiju,Mr.Rajeet Nair,Head of the department  Mrs  .Jayalakshmi Fianced the occasion.