“Every Child Is An Artist …..Imagination Will Take You Everywhere ”

 On 9th October 2022 the tiny tots of Bhavan’s kindergarten enjoyed  making animal with paper bag. The objective of this activity was to encourage children to explore how everyday materials like paper can be transformed into living, breathing animals and also to make them aware about the threat of plastic bags to the environment.

To bring the language arts or science lesson to life with colorful paper bag puppets featuring farm and zoo animals. Our little stars created and decorated original paper bag animal puppets. Animal puppets are magical creatures of early childhood settings. They can give instruction, turn tears to laughter and be used in imaginative play by small hands and large. Using puppets to engage early learners offers multiple benefits across the curriculum and for social/emotional development. The activity for the day began with the coloring of a paper. The theme for the activity was on animals hence different animals were coloured by different sections of kindergarten like Monkey, Giraffe, Jellyfish, Turkey, Elephant, Cow, Dog. The pictures were then cut and given to the students to be stuck on a paper bag which now transformed into different animals. Children were amazed to see the art of creativity and felt happy.