The School Parliament Elections were held on Thursday 2nd June 2022 by the Social Science and Activity  Department, for the following positions

  • Head Boy
  • Head Girl
  • Deputy Head Boy Both the Campuses
  • Deputy Head Girl

The Election was inaugurated by the school’s Director of Admininstration. Mrs. Anjana Menon and the School Principal, Mr. M. P. Philip and Vice Principal Mr.Dharmaraj Kumar  who was also the Chief Election Commissioner.

The Elections were conducted with the objective of giving the students a hands on experience of an election scenario in a democratic country, and the elctoral procedures from nomination, campaigning and polling and declaration of the results, which gives the students a chance to apply practically what they learnt in  the subject of Social Science.

The Polling began at 7 :30 am and concluded at 12 :30pm.

The counting of the votes were conducted on Saturday the 4th June 2022 and the results were as follows :

  • Head Boy – Master. Sarang Shaji
  • Head Girl – Miss. Nidhi Raje
  • Deputy Head Boy ( Wakra ) – Master. Aaron Manoj
  • Deputy Head Girl ( Wakra ) – Miss. Hridaya Nerukar
  • Deputy Head Boy ( New Salata ) – Master Fizan Ahmed
  • Dputy Head Girl ( New Salata ) – Miss Sheza Sheheen

The results were declared on Sunday 5th June 2022 by the Principal in a special assembly and the winners thanked the school and the students for their support.

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