Kindergarten of Bhavans Public School celebrated colour’s week from 15th May 2022 to 18th May 2022 to introduce children into the mesmerizing realm of colours.Colours are indeed the smiles of nature….. The first day of colour’s week was started with energetic ‘Red Day’ celebration, witha wonderful learning activity which helps children to sort and classify the real and synthetic objects based on Red colour, there by reinforcing the cognitive skills. Strawberry hand band and flower vase paper collage group activities helped the students to develop the hand – eye co-ordination and stimulates fine motor skill correlated with red colour song, red riding hood story and red hen story. Red craft work made by the children were displayed in the Bulletin boards.Our tiny tots spent a spectacular red day with the colour red every- where red dress, red rose, red teddy, red car, red fruits, red post boxes .The shades of red made our tiny tots feel energetic, lively and cheerful.It was a scintillating day with innocent faces gleaming and reflecting brightness, joy, love and happiness.

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