An Interactive session with the officials of M.S. Dhoni Cricket Academy, Doha was held at Wakra Campus on 11th November2021. The prime intention of the session was to impart the ‘epistemology of sports’ in day to day life. Mr. Daryll John Cullinan the famous cricketer of South Africa was the chief guest of the programme.
Mr. Daryll Cullinan broached elaborately on the various dimensions of bowling and batting in the field. The Principal Mr.M.P. Philip rendered the welcome speech and applauded the chief guest for his outstanding skills and passion for the game. Besides Cullinan Mr. Sohail Rauf and Mr. Vinod accompanied the guest. Mr. Cullinan demonstrated a few specimen postures of bating and bowling to the benefit of the onlookers. Director of the Administration Ms. Anjana Menon graced the occasion and expressed the gratitude of the management to the chief guests subsequently the students who had brought laurels and commendable credits to the school were honored on the occasion. Mr. Mujeeb Rahman, faculty of English department proposed the formal vote of thanks to the gathering. The coordinators Mr. Shaiju and Ms. Vichitra flanked the event. Indeed, the day had an indelible effect.