We would like to inform you that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has announced the opening of all schools on 1st September 2020.

During the first week, September 1 to September 3 only One third of Students will attend the school.

During the first three days there is no teaching and students need not bring their School bags except the School diary and a pen or pencil, snacks & drinking water, personal hygiene items. During these days students will be briefed on the following by the teachers.

  • Awareness on COVID-19 precautionary measures to be followed in the School campus & School buses.
  • Distribution of the rotational attendance time table to students mentioning the dates of physical attendance and online distance attendance.
  • Aware the students on online distance education

 The list of students for each day to attend (1st to 3rd sept.2020) will be shared with parents shortly by the Class teachers.

From 6th September onwards, the school will hold direct Classes with only 30% of students in the Campus. Students will be attending the School for Two days maximum on rotation and other days they will attend online Classes. The list of students attending each day will be shared with parents in advance by the Class teachers.

Online teaching will be continued for the students when not attending the School. Core Subjects will be taught during the School hours while the students attend the school.  Evening time between 5 to 7 pm will also be used teach Languages and to handle activity Classes online or for remedial Classes.

As per the directions of MOE & HE Students under the below mentioned category will be exempted from physically attending the school and the schooling will be on remote and distant learning.


  • Students with chronic ailments with approved medical certificate
  • Students whose immediate relatives are suffering from any of chronic ailment and residing in the same accommodation to prevent spread of virus to them, attaching medical certificate and national address of the patient.

These exempted students can physically attend in the school building for the centralized exams if any.

Summer School timings will be followed with effect from 1st September 2020. School timings will be 07:00 am to 10.00 am for the classes KG-I and KG-II and for classes I to XII 7.00 am to 12.30 pm till further notice.

  Student’s movement will be restricted in the School as a precautionary measure. They have to bring their own food, drinking water, personal hygiene materials like additional masks, tissue papers, hand sanitizer etc.

Students must wear facemasks to School and additional pairs should be sent along with them. If any student is suffering from any common ailments like cough, cold, fever etc. should not be sent to the School.

The following categories of visitors are not allowed to visit the School campuses 

Those having temperature more than 38 Degree celsius, those having Covid Symptoms, Those not having the Ehtheraz App. Health conditions in Ehtheraz App other than Green. Those who had contact with the Covid-19 Positive Cases or Suspected Cases in the last 14 Days.

Stay Safe & Healthy

With warm Regards