Dear Parent,
Greetings from Bhavans

For the convenience of Parents, as there is no other option in the current situations to collect Text books and stationaries from the School Store, we have made arrangements for door delivery of the same by school Staff in School Bus routes.
1. Parents those who make online payment till 4th of April 2020, door delivery of Text Books and note Books will be made on 7th April 2020 in School Bus routes by the staff.

2. Parents who make online payment till 11th April 2020, door delivery will be made on 14th April 2020

3. Parents are requested to come outside their homes to collect the Book bundles from the staff and sign the acknowledgement.

4. Parents using own transport (OT) will collect the Books from respective campuses on 8th April (for those who make payment till 4th April) and on 15th April 2020 (for those who make payment till 11th April 2020).

With Regards