An assembly was conducted by the students of class 8C, 8D and 8E to spread awareness on the National Girl safety  Day. The National Girl Child day is celebrated on every 24th of January to proclaim the significance of the girl children towards the development of the nation. Historically, girls had been subjugated by the unassailable patriarchal hegemony. The assembly was hosted, organized and executed fully by the girl students .Martina Shaiju of 8E delivered a short speech highlighting the role of girls in the society. The epicenter of the assembly was the Martial Arts display by Akshaja, Chaman and Harshavardini. There was also a power packed demonstration of self defence strategies put up by Harshavardini and Fathima Azza. The session was of high utility as self armour was the need of the hour. The principal M.P Philip appreciated the students for their spectacular spectacle.