The selected ten students from standard 7 and 8 of Wakra campus with escorting teachers Mr Shamshad Kunnath and Mr Raju Bharathan attended the programme – MIA Sleepover “Night at the Museum, on 28 and 29 November, organized by Museum of Islamic Art Authority with the recommendation of the ICC.

The director of the Museum in his welcome speech revealed that this is for the first time that they have organized such a programme for the students of Indian community considering the great, ever growing bilateral relationship between India and Qatar.

The programme started with welcome speech by the director of the  Museum and it was followed by the supply of snacks at 4:30 pm. The first programme of the agenda “Treasure Treat” started at 5pm. It was a competition among all the 65 student participants. Our students got 25 points out of 30. At 5:30pm Workshop on Geometric Doors was conducted. Dinner was provided at 7pm and it was followed by Film show “Night at the Museum”. The days programme winded up and went to sleep about 11pm after the completion of “Making Mummies.” Our students made the best mummy among all the students.

The next day’s ( Friday ) activities started at 6.30am. It was Yoga related exercises. The trainers of Yoga provided a very good class and demonstration which were helpful for students to boost up their memory power and physical fitness. The students were given a very sumptuous Breakfast at 7:30am. At 8am a Workshop entitled “Stop Theft “started and it lasted up to 10:30am.After a short break of 15 minutes ,another workshop on creative art entitled “Challenge” started. Our students took up the challenge with great enthusiasm and finished it fantastically well. All enjoyed lunch at 12:30pm and by about 1pm all the parents came to the spot and picked up their wards.

On the whole, the programme was very effective and fruitful. The students have got a very wonderful experience. The trainer Sara Tose really deserves a very special admiration for her professionalism, work enthusiasm, sincerity and dedication for her vocation.

The participants:

1) Aron Manoj ( VII E )                         2) Jeevagan gopal ( VIII D)                       3) Derin soy ( VII B)

4) Alen jijo (VIII B)          5) Vaishanav S Kumar ( VII D)             6) K Shiva Balaji Roshan    ( VII G)

7) Waylon Mendonca (VII C)                                        8) Ishaan Vinod Nair (VIII A )

9) Muhammed Irfan ( VII C )                       10) Gautham  Krishna ( VII H )