The Bhavan’s Public School observed the day on 19th November 2019 with great zeal. The vibrant students organized a very meaningful assembly. Through a thoughtful speech, placards and skit enlightened the students about the inalienable rights, which they are inherently entitled to without discrimination. Principal Mr. M.P Philip said that rights are in agreement with the duties. A person who does his duties has the right to claim for rights. Vice Principal Mr. Dharmarajkumar stated in his words that if the right of a person is denied it is like the right of the entire humanity is challenged. Headmistress, Mrs. Shailaja KrishnaKumar conveyed her message to the students and insisted the students to carry out campaign to spread the message of universal love. Headmistress, Mrs. Asha Shiju in her message stated that Fundamental rights of all should be protected and no one should be subjected to exploitation or suppression.  She also appreciated the effort of all.