Bhavan’s Public School, Doha, Qatar organized a special assembly to commemorate admissible contributions of United Nations as a source of encouragement to desist the depredations and violence in the world. The students conducted the assembly with all its due respect and enthusiasm. The occasion was a pavement for all to have a great forethought. Principal, Mr.M.P.Philip in his speech, highlighted the importance of parity in everyone’s life to understand the paramount humane qualities to exist on the face of the earth very peacefully. A power point presentation on UN Day, done by Master. Johann Jose (X A) and Master. Joel George (X C) brought a brilliant impact to this occasion. The Vice Principal, Mr, Dharmaraj Kumar, through his words, emphasised the prominence of following the law to protect the nation as well as the world itself. Head Mistress encouraged the students to live in peace and harmony. The Headmistress, Mrs. Asha Shiju in her message urged the children to smile and spread peace in the world. He added on to his speech, the vital importance of rules and regulations in a society in leading an individual in the right path with all its imperative powers.