With bounty of admiration, love and reverence, the Bhavan’s New Salata Campus celebrated the day on 1st October 2019. The enthusiastic students organized a special assembly that kicked off with a glorious welcome song, followed by electrifying dance performance and a heartfelt welcome speech by the Deputy Head Boy, Joel Shibu John. The Principal, Mr. M.P.Philip in his inspiring speech urged all to build closer bond between generations and to encourage understanding of the value of grandparents, who are the powerhouse of wisdom and love. Sportive grandparents participated in series of fun games organized by the Physical Education department and shared their beautiful moments of life. Greetings and flowers were bestowed as token of love and prizes were distributed. Refreshments were also served. The program was meticulously anchored by Anugraha Anna Mathew from Grade 4 A. The Headmistress, Mrs. Asha Shiju adjured all students to connect and serve their grandparents as they are their biggest blessings. She also appreciated the efforts of all. Vote of thanks was proposed by the Deputy Head Girl, Fiza Thazmeen.