An orientation was held on 11.05.2019 at Wakra campus by Ms. Shylaja Krishnakumar for the teachers on the topic how to be an effective teacher. The session began by showing a picture and each one came with their own conclusion. Then she said that “A book is an iceberg only 10% is visible and the rest 90% is invisible.” As a teacher we have to make the students think creatively. To make them creative a student need to be an effective teacher. The following points were covered by the resource person.

Objectives to become an effective teacher

  • To get familiar with the concept of effective thinking.
  • To transpose effective thinking into effective teacher and learning.
  • Teacher is a facilitator. Students get the benefit. Many tools can be used to make it effective.

Effective strategies

  • Teacher clarity: A teacher should have definite goal and that goal should be very clear to the student.
  • Interest and explanation: You should attract the student attractive activities by developing the interest of the students.
  • Teach the topic in a simple way.
  • Appropriate assessment and feedback.
  • A teacher must be generous and should concentrate all the students equally. Never compare the students. Every child is unique.
  • Collaborating with colleagues.
  • Behaviour management.
  • Professional development.

Overall the session was encouraging and motivational.