“Ask the right questions, and nature will open the doors to her secrets”, with this thought Bhavan’s Public School, celebrated the day to honour the Nobel Laureate and the Indian Physicist, Sir C.V Raman, for his greatest achievement in the field of science. A special assembly was held where the students spoke about his achievements and displayed his ground-breaking discovery of the phenomenon of ‘scattering of light’ which was known as ‘Raman Effect’. Principal, Mr.M.P.Philip applauded the students’ effort and urged to use science and technology in the right way. Vice Principal, Mr.Dhrmarajkumar adjured the students to have courageous devotion to complete every task like C.V.Raman. The Headmistresses in both the campuses asked the students to be critical thinkers and acquire great values and ideas from C.V.Raman. On this occasion students who had qualified for the third review session of SIFQ Students’ Science Congress, 2018 were congratulated.