To upgrade and enhance the public speaking prowess of the teachers, Bhavan’s public school hosted a one day workshop on the core skills concerning English language. The session was led by the members of English faculty. The workshop was immensely beneficial for the teachers as many innovative strategies were installed to transfer the topics. Writing, speaking, listening and common errors were the main domains of discussions. Well charted activities for each skill were judiciously executed. The workshop provided an opportunity for the teachers to break the inhibitions and got a chance to expose to the world of language. Principal, Mr. M.P.Philip supervised the workshop and reiterated that an effective teacher is an effective communicator. Vice principal, Mr. Dharmaraj Kumar gave a short introduction to the workshop and indicated the gathering that public speaking is the most persuasive skill to be possessed by a teacher. The programme at New Salata was monitored by Ms. Asha Shiju and Ms.Shailaja Krishna Kumar at Matar Campus.