To strengthen the ideals of peace and to promote harmony around the world, Bhavan’s Public School celebrated ‘The International Day for Peace’ on 18th September 2018. A special assembly was held where the young and energetic students of grade IVth and VIIth  expressed their passion for peace through an enthralling dance performance on the tune of the song “Take your candle go light the world…”  and a group song “light a candle for peace…”. Students also exhibited a splendid collage work that denoted the idea of world peace. Principal M.r.M.P.Philip gave the keynote address and projected the true principles of peace. Vice Principal, Mr.Dharmaraj Kumar suggested a few ways to attain global peace through Ghandian ideals.Mrs.Shailaja Kumar said that peace should be the end aim of education. Mrs. Asha Shiju, urged the students to be the ‘Ambassadors of Peace’ in the world ahead. Students vowed themselves to be the prophets of peace.