With an aim to inculcate appreciation and respect for the official language of India among the students, Hindi Diwas was celebrated at Bhavan’s on 17th September 2018. A special assembly was conducted in which the students of all the campuses presented various themes to highlight the importance of this day. A speech on ‘The significance of Hindi in unifying the country’ was delivered by Fatma Uzer of class X A. The melodious song and the colourful skit portrayed how Hindi connects the people of India in spite of having different languages. Principal Mr. M P Philip delivered the Key note address in which he emphasized the need of giving equal importance to Hindi along with English. Vice Principal, Mr. Dharmaraj Kumar spoke about the need to encourage the learning of Hindi for the better unity and empowerment of the nation. Headmistress Mrs.Shailaja enforced the students to feel proud of having Hindi as our official language. Mrs. Asha Shiju appreciated each and every one and stressed that we should be proud of our national language and should learn to speak in public domain without any hesitation