This is to inform you that Qatar National Day Celebrations is scheduled to be held on 18 th December 2017 at Al Wakra Sports Stadium..
Kindly note the following points:
1. All participants should reach Wakra School Campus at 11.00 am on 18 th Dec.2017 for make up and other preparations. Timing for pick up of students will be given by the Transport Dept.
2. Own Transport students also should be dropped at Wakra Bhavans School Campus by parents at 11.00 am
3. Students taking part in the QND Parade can be picked up by parents from the Wakra School after the Parade at 3.30 pm.
4. Parents can pick up Students taking part in other programmes by 7.00 pm from the Wakra School campus by contacting the programme incharge.
5. Students should wear/ bring Sweater/Jackets and ear caps as the programme is held in the open stadium.
6. Parents will collect their wards from Wakra school campus only after the programme.
7. No gold ornaments to be worn by the students for the program. The school will not be responsible for any loss.
8. All the participants will be provided with refreshments by the school. Kindly send enough food and snacks with the students.
9. Parents are cordially invited to the Qatar National Day Celebrations at Wakra Sports stadium at 2.45 pm on 18 th December 2017.
Please extend the fullest cooperation as usual.