World food day was celebrated at all three campuses of Bhavan’s Public School to spread awareness on wise consumption of nutritious food to maintain sound health. To mark this day a full- fledged celebration was kicked into gear with a special assembly by grade 6 in Wakra and by second graders in Matar and New Salata Campus to shine a spotlight on the benefits of healthy dietary habits. Students at Wakra staged role play trumpeting the significance of the theme. The assembly at Matar encompassed a skit ‘Eat healthy and stay healthy’ in which the Master Chef presented a live cookery show and pointed out the tips to eat healthy. School Nurse Ms Elizebeth spoke to children about having healthy food and not to waste food. To mark the day, students of Primary and Pre-primary section brought fruits and vegetables and revelled in sharing and relishing them. The children at New Salata placarded the theme, quoting the importance of the day and sang a beautiful song highlighting ‘hungry children and the scarcity of food’. Also students took pledge ‘not to waste food’ and promised to keep away junk food. Principal Mr.M.P Philip discoursed on the importance of balanced diet and enforced the students to spur attention and action on eating healthy and to stick to healthy and safe food practices. Headmistress Mrs Shailaja KrishnaKumar and Mrs Asha.Shiju, Academic Coordinators and Activity coordinators graced the occasion.