To raise the consciousness of the students of the need to respect girls, Bhavan’s Public School celebrated International Girl Child day on 12th October with zest and zip in all three campuses. Students at Wakra, presented a skit to promulgate the paramountcy of girls in the society. The campus at New Salata was in glow in colours as the girl children were given the chance of expressing the importance of the day with their drawings. It became more beautiful when they garnered their drawings in the 30 meters long canvas as the regalia of unity and equality. At Matar campus students of class 2 presented an assembly which paid tribute to the spirit of being a girl and reflected the successful emergence of the girls in every sphere of life and instilled the message to fight against the social stigma about the girl child to achieve gender parity. Also to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, the team of girls under the leadership of School Deputy leader Ms.Chaman urged the students with the message ‘Dream high , reach your goals with confidence’ to take a pledge to create a friendly environment for the girls and to treat all girls on par with the boys. Short film was also shown on the awareness of inequality faced by girls worldwide based upon their gender. Principal Mr.M.P.Philip, in his address, conveyed the issues concerning the gender inequality facing young girls and pinpointed to stand with the global community to support girls’ progress everywhere. Headmistress Mrs Shailaja Krishna Kumar and Mrs Asha.Shiju emboldened the students that every girl child must be given a chance to outshine by turning challenges into opportunities. Activity coordinators and academic coordinators graced the occasion.