World Tourism Day was observed on 26th September 2017 with gusto in all the three campuses of Bhavan’s Public School .To foster awareness among the students of the significance of merging of cultures to make the world a unified whole through tourism the young tourists of 2 C in Matar Campus lined up an appealing show of variety of tourist attractions around the world, providing a glimpse into the centre of attractions in USA along with a dance performance.  Miss. Akshara and Miss. Shruthy of class IX B portioned out the prominence of the day through a wonderful video display in Wakra Campus. Master Mukildev from Class IXB brought some sublime effect on audience with his speech on this day. A special assembly was conducted by the students of class 3 C in New Salata Campus emphasizing the cultural integration and unity among the nations worldwide. Students presented speech and skit which expressed the importance of respecting and protecting the cultural heritage of the world. Principal Mr.M.P.Philip addressed the students and conveyed the importance of promoting tourism for the economic development of a nation. Headmistress Mrs Shailaja KrishnaKumar and  Mrs.Asha Shiju exhorted the students to visit more places in order to respect their heritage and inculcate and safeguard the variety of cultures.