International Day of Peace was celebrated on 25th September in all three campuses of Bhavan’s Public School with an aim to inspirit the students to make a positive difference in the world. As part of the theme students and the teachers in charge spoke about secularism and the importance of peace on Earth. In the senior campus Master Gautham M. gave an informative speech pointing to the contemporary issues and the problems faced by the refugees. Students also staged a thematic role play and skit. A special dance programme was performed to depict this year’s theme; ” Together for Peace: Respect, Safety and Dignity for all. Students from junior classes presented a melodious song. The kids personified as Mother Teresa and Dalai Lama conveyed a puissant message to be the brand ambassadors of peace. Also collage making, craft work was conducted in the campuses, addressing the theme ‘peace’ under the guidance of Arts Faculty. Principal Mr M.P Philip reminded the students the need of the day and said that “peace starts with a smile”. He also said that all efforts to spread humanity must be considered supremely divine. Headmistress Mrs Shailaja KrishnaKumar and Mrs Asha.Shiju stressed the importance of respect, safety and dignity for everyone and also instigated a positive vibe in the campuses by a powerful message to set a tone of unity and peace wherever we are. Academic coordinators, Activity coordinators and teachers graced the occasion.