To raise awareness of the ways to bridge digital divide and explore and foster interconnectivity, Bhavan’s Public School celebrated The World Tele-communication and Information Day on 17th May. A special assembly was held to mark the event in all grandeur. The programme was highlighted with decisive and exciting speeches, group song and skits. The skit did really blast off the importance of the day by presenting the evolution of Telecommunication and its advancement. Also keeping the theme –Big Data for Big Impact, students with confidence sketched the pluses and liabilities of tele-communications and instilled the message to be wary of mish-mash of information.Headmistress, Mrs. Shailaja Krishnakumar and Mrs Asha Shiju appreciated the students for their efforts and stressed that the purpose of observing the day is to help raise awareness of the possibilities that the use of   Internet and other communication technologies can bring to our life and to strike a balance, realizing the grim facts and unlocking the potential of tele-communication and to seize new opportunities to address the challenges.