Mother a figure that evokes a myriad of emotions. To salute motherhood and celebrate the unconditional love of Mother Bhavanites celebrated Mother’s day on May 14th with great zeal and fondness. The theme and message of the day was conveyed through heart-warming skits, gesturing their love which threw light on the ever demanding role and Irreplaceable place of a mother. Also they presented a lovely show dedicated to their mothers encompassing skits and a group song to showcase their love. There were role-plays in which the students donned the role of various characters. A manuscript literary magazine titled ‘The jewels of VII’ was also published in Wakra.The magazine compiles the creative works of the students. Headmistress Mrs.Shailaja Krishnakumar and Academic Coordinators encouraged the students to admire their mothers for the strength and determination that inspires us to pursue a better life.