Dr.K.R.Maalathi, CEO Aurora Educational Services, conducted an enriching seminar for students of Bhavan’s Public School. The main intent of the seminar was to impart inputs on how to tackle the constant menace of anxiety syndrome amongst students. She vocalized the students about the significance of keeping 4Ps in their life.Perseverence, promptness, physical alertness and punctuality. The seminar also helped the students to orient their thought towards pursuing their dream career. A lot of innovative courses have been launched by various universities to cater to the demand of thriving markets. She cautioned the students to be judiciously selective in choosing their future career. The second phase of the seminar was more of life-inclined wherein Dr. Maalathi discoursed upon the empowerment of the self through capacity building programmes. The state of contentment can be reached by breaking the barriers of dormancy” stated she emphatically. Students expressed their joy and opinions to the resource person without any reservations. It was really enlightening, profusely informative and profoundly knowledgeable. Principal Mr.M.P Philip thanked Dr. K Malathi for her priceless words.