Dear Parents,

This is to bring to your kind notice that the School Annual Sports meet will be held on 16th & 17th November 2016. The following events will be conducted. The rules and regulations for the same are given herewith. Those students who are interested to participate in the meet are requested to submit their duly filled entry form to their respective class teachers on or before 27th October 2016.




Sl.No Category-1 (LKG) & Category-II (UKG) Sl.No Category-III (STD 1st &2nd ) Sl.No Category-1V (STD III, IV)
1 25 M Sprint 1 50 M sprint 1 80 M sprint
2 Shuttle run (2 x 10M) 2 Shuttle run (3×10 M) 2 Ball Throw
3 Multi Task Running 3 Ball Thow 3 Standing Broad Jump
4 Ball Throw 4 Standing Broad Jump 4 Shuttle run (3×10 M)


Sl.No Category- V


Sl.No Category- VI


Sl.No Category- VII


Sl.No Category- VIII


1 100 M sprint 1 100 M sprint 1 100 M sprint 1 100 M sprint
2 200 M sprint 2 200 M sprint 2 200 M sprint 2 200 M sprint
3 Long-Jump 3 400 M Sprint 3 400 M Sprint 3 400 M Sprint
4 Shot put 4 Long-Jump 4 800 M 4 800 M
5 4x100M Relay 5 Shot put 5 Long-Jump 5 Long-Jump
6 4x100M Relay 6 Shot put 6 Shot put
7 Discus Throw 7 Discus Throw
8 4x100M Relay 8 4x100M Relay


Note: Please turn over for general rules and regulation.


Respected sir,

My ward ____________________________________std _______Div______of ________________House, Category No_________ is interested to take part in the school annual sports meet in the following events.

Sl.No Events

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  • Students should come in neat and proper P.E (white) uniform.
  • Black or Blue trouser can be used while participating in the sports events.
  • All students should wear house color caps for the Annual sports meet.
  • During the sprint event if a child changes the track, he or she will be disqualified from that race.
  • Each student can participate maximum in three individual events excluding relay.
  • Please submit the ENTRY FORM on 27th October 2016; late entry will not be entertained.
  • The following Team events will be conducted house wise and the participants will be selected by the house teachers.
  • Category –V (4×100 M Relay)
  • Category –VI (4×100 M Relay
  • Category—VII (4x100M Relay)
  • Category —VIII (4×100 M Relay)
  • Category—VII & VIII – MEDLAY RELAY
  • Time schedule and venue will be intimated after receiving the entry forms.
  • Relay points will not be considered for Individual Championship Trophy.
  • For individual championship, A student should participate in one track event (Running events) and one field event (Throwing & Jumping events) compulsory.
  • The Preliminary selection for category –III, IV & V will be held in the campus concerned and best 2 participants for track event from a house will be selected.
  • All field events (Throwing & Jumping) for category III, IV & V will be conducted in the campuses concerned.