Registration for the academic year 2015-16 to various classes will commence fro 15th November onwards
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Bhavan's Aims

A. To impart every kind of education which has directly or indirectly the object or effect of popularizing, strengthening and developing Indo / Arabic Culture

B. To ensure that education is more formative than informative so that it may not only be able to develop the natural talents of the student but also enable him/her to absorb and express the permanent values as contrasted with mere acquisition of knowledge.

C. To take into account not only full growth of the student's personality but also the totality of his / her relations and thereby lead him / her to the highest self-fulfillment of which he/she is capable

D. To stimulate in the student the power of expression both written and oral at every stage in accordance with the highest ideals attained by the great literary masters in the intellectual and moral spheres.


The person behind the Bhavans in Qatar - Padmashree Advocate C.K Menon

Adv. C.K Menon , as a philanthropist believes that charity is not being merciful to the lesser fortunate, but it is their right. His charitable and social activities are widespread and have great influence on the people of India. He is at the helm of several social welfare and educational activities both in his country and abroad, apart from his leading role in business. Adv. C.K Menon was bestowed the prestigious "Padmashree" award in 2009, by the Government of India, in recognition of his out-standing Contribution in the field of Social Service.